Recovery Roots

We are a group of people in recovery from substance (alcohol & drugs) addiction. Through this website we aim to connect with others who may be in recovery themselves or are concerned about their substance use, and to offer bespoke training packages for other professionals involved with addiction issues. There are many different theories of addiction and associated routes to recovery. Every individual finds the approach that works best for them and none can be definitively described as right or wrong, true or false. However, based on our lived experience, we believe that a root of persistent addiction lies in unresolved emotional conflicts established in early life. These may be major traumas, such as violence or child abuse, or they may be more apparently minor issues that influence how we respond to life circumstances in later life; resulting in the emotional pain, stress & discomfort that we seek to alleviate through substance use. 

“Addiction is manifested in any behaviour that a person finds temporary pleasure or relief in, but suffers negative consequences as a result of, and does not give up or cannot give up, despite those negative consequences.” Gabor Mate

We operate a help service to people in recovery and associated professionals.

We organise peer-support groups & training across the Preston (UK) area.

We offer a range of exercises, free downloads and therapeutic tools.

Knowledge of the theory and science of addiction can aid recovery.

Professional Training

Many professionals in a variety of sectors work directly with individuals in addiction. In addition, every single workplace will have addiction present within the workforce; at all levels of organisational responsibility. Addiction is not solely a criminal, social or disease-based issue. It’s a human issue. Like all human interactions, our approach to this can be helpful… or harmful. We are able to provide experiential and evidence led workplace training.