Hypnotherapy is based on a completely natural process; the way that we constantly engage in a way of thinking that consists of telling ourselves what we believe about ourselves or others, what we can do to become happy and avoid suffering, what we are and are not capable of, what our life prospects are, what is true and what is false. In other words, the mind is making “suggestions” the whole time which influence how we respond to life experiences. This process can be either a help or a hindrance to the overall aims, desires and wishes of the individual.

These recordings lead the listener into a light hypnotic trance; a relaxed state in which you remain conscious and alert at all times. In this state, voiced “suggestions” are made as to how you can focus your attention & thinking in new ways. At all times, you are free to accept or reject these suggestions.

The recordings last about half an hour. Please listen to them in a quiet environment where you can be undisturbed. Under no circumstances listen to them while driving or operating machinery.

Cultivating Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a therapeutic technique of being aware of thoughts, feelings and sensations as they occur in the present moment. It requires a trained awareness and this recording provides that training, using a traditional form of zazen meditation that focusses on posture and breathing. Please listen to this recording either sitting cross-legged or on a straight-backed chair, where the spine can be held in a balanced upright position. Length: 32 minutes.

Living in the Now

This recording uses ideas, insights and suggestions from the best-selling book “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. To quote from the book: “Most people find it difficult to believe that a state of consciousness totally free of all negativity is possible. And yet this is the liberated state to which all spiritual teachings point.” This recording can be listened to lying down or seated in a chair. Length: 32 minutes.